How this site works is your online place for on-demand Sunday school training! This website is designed to bring you pertinent video Sunday school and small group training and is based around three general terms:

Course- A course is a single video piece. Course videos range in length. Courses cover a number of topics and relate to varying age-groups and positions with the small group or Sunday school ministry within the church. This is the most basic element of the reconnect site.

Certification- Certification is the first step in unlocking Each fall, you will be presented with a series of videos (courses) that will be required to achieve a level of certification. Watching the 5 required videos will qualify you for certification!

Badge- ReConnect badging takes your training beyond certification. A badge is received by watching, depending on the badge desired, a series of related topical videos or by viewing a certain number of videos over time. This is a fun way to move ahead in your training and progress in your effectiveness as a small group or Sunday school leader. Badging really rounds out the ReConnect experience.

When you receive certification or earn a badge, it will show in your profile. You can keep track of your progress through course history (located on the menu) or through the progress bar visible on each page. Also, if you have completed the information in your profile page, we will automatically let your church know the certifications and badges you have earned.

You can check out more information on certification and badging in their individual areas within this site.