START (1 of 4): Why New Groups?

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Course Facilitator: Bob
I'm the Sunday School and Small Group specialist for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Getting people in small groups for discipleship and community is my passion.

Bob Mayfield, Sunday School and Small Group Specialist at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, discusses why we need to start new groups in our churches.

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  1. arthurljones

    The help I need within our Adult department is the age group, although we started a new group, the age is 66 years up. Do you have out reach suggestions for this age group?

  2. Bob Mayfield

    Arthur, great question. Here are my suggestions:
    1) Often, Sunday School classes and small groups turn to the church for a list of names that might be in the church computer. Many of the people on this list have received multiple contacts and still have not attended a group. Follow-up on as many of these people as you can.

    2) Senior adults have friends and neighbors. Take some time during your class and ask people to write down the names of 3-4 friends they have that are lost or unchurched. Ask your folks to begin praying for their friends and neighbors.

    3) Plan a class fellowship and ask everyone to invite the friends and neighbors on their list. Have fun! Have a domino (42) tournament for example. Be sure to plan the fellowship around a meal! Be sure everyone wears a nametag.

    4) Follow-up on guests to church worship services and events. In our culture today, many grandparents are raising their grandchildren. A visit in the homes of kids that attended your church’s Vacation Bible School is often fruitful for senior adults.

    5) Look for new people that are in your age that are attending or guests at the church worship services. Seek them out during the “welcome” time during worship services.

    6) Invite. We have some “Need a Fresh Start?” invitation cards that are about the size of a business card and are perfect for inviting people to your group. Once or twice a year, give every person in your group 5-10 cards and challenge them to give away all of their cards in one week. What is often missing in our classes and groups are members who are intentionally inviting people to their group. Here is a link to the Fresh Start cards, and they are available through my office at the BGCO.

    Don’t give up! Try a variety of different methods and start using the method(s) that seems to work best with your folks.

  3. jjackson

    It says I have watched the videos but can’t claim badge?

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