ReConnect for Young Adult Leaders Level 1 (2 of 4): Truth

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Course Facilitator: Cris Lowery

Connect Young Adults to Truth

This session will focus on the importance of ‘authentic’ leadership in connecting and affecting young adults with the truth of God’s Word, the Bible, and how we can involve them in the learning and discovery process.

Discussion Questions

Young adults are connected to media and hear experts and opinions on an array of topics daily. In the midst of all that vies for their attention, in order to be heard by them and gain their trust we must be authentic leaders.

  • What are some traits of authentic leaders?
  • Which of these traits do you possess?
  • Which will you need to develop?

Young adults want to go deep in the study of Scripture. They don’t want a leader that just lectures truth, they want to be involved in the learning and discovery process.

  • Do we need to make any changes in our preparation and delivery of Bible study so that it aligns with this need in order to become more effective?
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