ReConnect for Young Adult Leaders Level 1 (1 of 4): Evangelism

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Course Facilitator: Cris Lowery

Connecting Young Adults to Jesus Through Evangelism

Relationships are the best way to influence others toward and in a relationship with Jesus. This course deals with how we can effectively do that with young adults.

Discussion Questions

The best way to share Jesus and have a spiritual influence in the lives of young adults is to build relationships with them.

  • Have you invested enough time and learned about the life story of the young adults in your circle that they trust and listen to what you have to share?
  • How can you listen better and learn more about them?

Young adults respond well to Bible stories more than our opinion and thoughts about scripture. The truth must also be shared in a way that is inviting rather than judgmental.

  • Does the way we teach line up with this and keep young adults coming back or does a shift need to happen in methods and material used so that the message of Christ is more clearly presented?
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