ReConnect Strategy Overview (5 of 5): Cooperative Program

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Watch this brief video explaining the Cooperative Program and how you can become involved.

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  1. Sharon Bain

    All sessions were good. Watched each at least twice. What did you do on your 44th anniversary??? 🙂

  2. pstephens

    Good stuff. Great visual effects and artistry! I just wish I could draw that fast!

  3. Johnny Jennings

    Good stuff just wish it explained how the money given is divided up a litle better.

    • Bob Mayfield

      Excellent thought Johnny. I’ll touch base with our CP folks… I think we have a CP video available that does explain where the money goes.

      Appreciate the input!


  4. mattmcgee

    Good info. Strong message. Keeps focus where it needs to be small groups and discipleship.

  5. mirandyford

    I would love to share this on my church’s facebook page. Is there a link somewhere that would make this video shareable?

  6. mspatton

    Great work Bob and thank you for putting these series of videos together. In Christ!

    Scott Patton
    Pastor, FBC Indiahoma “Go Bold”

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